A fight that bears repeating!

by Cadaveous, 24 hours ago

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And So It Begins!

by Cadaveous, 20 days ago

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Good job this expansion. See you all in Legion!

by Nero412, 61 days ago

Warlords of Draenor is wrapping up in a week, looking back at the previous 2 years that we have been in this expansion, I am very proud of what we managed to accomplish this expansion. We have had our share of people coming and leaving, but you know what they say; whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. We have survived the most brutal time for guilds in WoW history, as guilds were falling apart, we pushed through and risen to be a better guild than we were at the beginning of this expansion.

Despite all our setbacks this expansion, we have done a good job with each tier and we're only going to get better. Lets be prepared for Legion and hit it with all we've got at launch. Come hang out with us in mumble as we get closer to Emerald Nightmare and I look forward to seeing everyone out in the world again, playing an MMO the way an MMO should be played.

Great job in HFC, see you all in Legion!

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