About Us

Hordecore is a serious progression focused 25m raid guild on the Madoran server. Formerly running two successful 10m groups we’ve transitioned into running one 25m group.

We know that people want to raid and not be on standby every week, and we run with the bare minimum number of raiders on our roster necessary to ensure proper coverage and full groups.


About You

Members of Hordecore should have the following characteristics:

- Reliable attendance

- Punctuality

- Prepared with the proper consumables

- Maintain 90-95% attendance

- Researches current raid tier encounters

- Listens, understands, and executes as instructed

- Aims to achieve the highest level of performance in their role

- Capable of giving and receiving constructive criticism and suggestions

- Desire to be the best player they can be


Raid times

Hordecore raids Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Raid invites go out at ~7:10pm, Raid starts at 7:15pm.

All times are Central Standard Time.

We may run additional nights for the sake of progression or finishing out a clear, these nights will typically be whatever night people are available,  

Raid Sign ups

All Raid invites will be sent via the in-game calendar. It is each individual guild member’s responsibility to both reply to invites in a timely manner and mark their availability accurately.

All raids will be posted in a timely manner, at worst no later than a full day before the first night of raiding. Raid groups will be finalized in as timely a manner as is possible based on the timeliness of the responses to invites.

When signing up for a raid please select one of the following options.

Accept - This means you are committing to the raid day and will be expect to attend if confirmed.

Decline - You cannot attend this raid day.

Tentative - You can attend this raid day if needed, but would prefer to have this day off, if possible. (This option, due to confusion requires additional clarification that you are in fact committing to being online, available, and willing to raid on that day)

Standby - If put on standby you will be expected to show up at the start of the raid and fill in if there is an issue with a confirmed member.

***We may need to have people on standby or an alt of a different class rotate in for specific boss mechanics. Please do not feel you are being punished if we need you to rotate out/in for a specific boss. We will only exercise this if it is absolutely needed to benefit the guild as a whole.***



Loot Rules

At the present time Hordecore is using a Loot Council system whereby the officers discuss the best use of some specific items as they benefit the guild as a whole. Currently loot counciled items are: Tier, Trinkets, Weapons (including offhands)[Relics in Legion]. Additionally we use a BiS system for all BiS drops. Additionally the loot priority as described below also applies to loot council.The loot priorities are as followed.

Main spec

Raider(main spec) > Recruit(main spec) > Alt(main spec)

Off spec rolls --  (Offspec roles are now GREED roles, using the in-game loot system)

Raider(off spec) > Recruit(off spec) > alt(off spec)

Disenchant roll will be used for Transmog wants. Top roll will get it.

Non-equipable items will be awarded at officer discretion. In most cases these will be awarded to those that the officers feel will be the most benefit to the overall guild, be there a benefit, otherwise mounts and the like have traditionally been freeroll, but that isn’t a promise that we won’t exercise officer discretion where we feel it is appropriate. Currently, for Legion, we run on a donation system. We ask for a stack of herbs to help maintain Cauldrons and Vantus Runes. While this isn't mandatory, people who donate monthly will get priority on Toys/Pets/Mounts. This does not mean you'll be penalized for joining mid-tier. You'll be given leeway of your first month joining and any month before, but to qualify for vanity items you'll need to start giving herbs the month after you join. If you join after an end tier boss has been killed you'll be bottom priority for mounts over who helped during progression, regardless of donations.

It is your responsibility to know what gear is an upgrade for you, and what bosses drop them. Taking an item which is better itemized for another class just because it is a higher item level, over a class the item is better itemized for is unacceptable.

Be fair with the loot. If you have already received several items, opt to pass loot to someone else. A team is only as strong as its weakest link and stacking all gear on one character is never helpful.

We ask that everyone keeps in mind that loot is not the means to the end, but instead just a byproduct of progression. Things will always drop again!


Please be advise that loot rules for off night and/or alt raids may be different from our standard loot rules. In many cases these runs are associated with specific achievements, mounts, or transmog gear in mind.

Though we advocate that members be respectful when dealing with drops in these runs, there may not always be an officer present. The loot rules will be set by whomever is running said raid. If you have questions about what loot rules are being observed in an off-night run, contact whoever posted the run. Typically if an officer posted a run, it will be normal rules. Anyone else, ask if you’re in doubt.

Always remember to use your best judgment and try to do what is best for the guild as a whole.


Guild Bank

Members of Hordecore with the rank of at least Raider will have limited access to the guild bank. Once reaching raider rank repairs will be provided via the guild bank. Flasks, Food, and Pots are limited to availablity. If they're there you're free to take them.

Please use these at your discretion, while keeping the following in mind.

The consumables are there for everyone(so long as it is used for main raid only), taking mats out for alts is unaccepatable. If you’re rich and can afford your own raiding materials, consider doing so.

Everything in the bank is for Hordecore raids (use common sense, if it’s 3 tiers old this clearly doesn’t apply) please exercise discretion and do not waste current tier consumables on non-Hordecore content.

Items involved in the crafting of BoEs and/or BiS gear are awarded at officer discretion. Anything in the officer tab is available upon request, pending approval of the officers. If you want something crafted or need something in the officer tab, approach an officer about it. Anything in the officer tab can and will where applicable follow normal loot rules.BoE gear in the guild bank will be awarded free upon request to the main spec of members which are at least the rank of Raider.

If you would like the item for an off spec or one of your alts we ask that you donate 50% of the going AH value into the guild bank, before receiving the item.

Members of the guild rank Recruit will be asked to donate 100% of the going AH value into the guild bank before receiving the item. Officer discretion applies. Don’t be afraid to ask, especially near the end of your trial.


Changing Mains/Spec

If you wish to change your main after you begin raiding with the guild, that new toon will need to EARN a raiding spot, and only if there is a spot available for your class/role. In addition to following the progression path as your original main, we have implemented the following policy: 

1. ALL characters will be treated as Alt status including prior and new mains. 
2. You remain treated as an alt for 2 weeks with regards to invite priority (i.e. you will be asked to come only if the group needs that class and no mains are able to fill that spot). You will automatically be placed on standby on the sign up list and you are expected to be online and ready when invites go out. 
3. You will be treated as alt for loot priority for an additional 2 weeks. So in 2 weeks you can begin raiding on that toon as a main.
4. After the 2 week probation period and 2 week loot probation period (4 weeks total), you may be promoted back to member or raider status at the raid leaders' discretion, if there is a spot for your class/role. Keep in mind we may have to recruit or fill your original spot with another player if you played a crucial role on your previous main. 

Any additional main changes will go through the steps above, however the timing will be increased with each change: 

* 2nd main change: Alt status for 6 weeks, alt priority on loot for an additional 4. 
* 3rd main change: Alt status for 8 weeks, alt priority on loot for an additional 6.

Yes that means it may take you 2-3 months to get loot. 

If it is decided by the officers that this change is for the better of the guild, some or all of this can be waived. Please contact an officer if this is your intent to work out details of the change. 

Everything ultimately will have to be a case by case basis. Our needs, flexibility, and willingness to deal with all the guild-wide muss and fuss that comes along with integrating a new main for an existing member will always dictate that certain disparities will exist. If you have a serious issue with any of the above is being applied or implemented take it to an officer.